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Most lenders and buyers, want to know the working status of an onsite septic or wastewater treatment system, during the home buying option period, before closing on a property.  

Consultation in the field of repairing, and maintaining septic systems, and onsite waste water systems.


Some home inspectors, attempt to perform wastewater treatment inspections, by merely flushing the toilet and running some water, maybe even adding dye. In most cases, this method is not even close to an accurate indication of the workability or condition of the septic system and can often miss a broken tank, clogged leach field, missing baffles and broken pipes. 

Home inspectors inspect homes, not septic systems.



  • Locating the tank and actually opening it for inspection 

  • Checking liquid level for backup or leaks

  • Inspecting baffle condition

  • Checking condition of tank (corrosion, cracks, roots, etc.)

  • Liquid level reaction when wastewater is introduced to system

  • Check for back-flow from absorption area 

Using special underground camera's and locating equipment, we'll detect current and potential problems, and we'll recommend a solution.  This allows both buyer and seller to make better informed decisions, and eliminate the surprise of costly repairs or installation of a new septic system after the purchase. 

Septic Logic does not install septic systems. 

Note: Every inspection is done as a forensic investigation. 

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