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John DeGuilio has previously installed, septic tanks and absorption fields. 

John has also conducted, over 1,300 septic inspections. 

Offsite training | NOWRA 

  • Decentralized Treatment and Wastewater Overview

  • Wastewater Characteristics

  • Soil and Site Evaluation

  • Soil Based Gravity and Pressure Distribution

  • Pumps and Controls 

  • Operation and Maintenance 

John, approaches his septic inspections, with the same methodology, as the Crime Scene Unit.


John J. DeGuilio A.A.S. | Septic Inspector


Retired 2nd Grade Detective NYPD - 20 year veteran | 911 World Trade Center First Responder.

I was assigned to the "Crime Scene Unit" with over 1200 investigations conducted. 


Numerous forensic courses attended and FBI schools.

Deemed an expert in forensic examination, in New York State Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court. 

Certifications and License:

National Association of Wastewater Technicians

Certification Number: 14394

Pennsylvania Septage Management Association 

Certification Number: 101855

Westchester County Health Department Septic Contractor 

License Number: 656



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